About Us

Manaar Legal Consultancy is a boutique legal advisory firm with a team of Arabic, French & English speaking international lawyers, specialising in corporate and commercial legal advisory work and serving international clients with business interest in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our team includes English qualified lawyers with extensive regional experience in corporate and commercial matters and client matters are allocated to the in-house legal team on a case specific basis.

Our clients range from major international corporations to smaller companies, sole traders and private individuals. Manaar Legal Consultancy has entered into a Formal Law Alliance, with local lawyers practicing through all parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

Our core business areas are: Commercial & Corporate, and Employment.

We also assist our clients in legal administration services such as: the filling of various applications with local authorities, attestation and notarization of legal and other documents.

Manaar Legal Consultancy offers excellent quality legal services of an international standard at competitive and reasonable rates. Fee quotes can also be provided on a project specific basis if desired.